Friday, February 26, 2010

Help Bici get to Bike!Bike!


Bike!Bike! is an annual conference for community bicycle shop organizers from around the country (and abroad) who come together to explore, share, affirm, and critique our work. The organizers of Bici are planning to attend the annual Bike!Bike! Southeast regional conference, taking place in Louisville, KY March 19-21.

Unfortunately this trip is not going to be cheap, so we’re looking for some donations to help us get there! If you’re interested in helping us out, go here:

The $400 raised will go toward gas, food, housing and registration for all 3 Bici Founders.
AAAAND if you donate $25 or more, you will recieve your choice of one of our race poster prints!

Thanks everyone! Bike love!

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