Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Bike!Bike! and other stuffs

ok, so the deuce's wild race went swimmingly. everyone had a good time and stayed safe for the most part. thanks to everyone who participated and helped out. we came out of it with around $5 for the co-op (we had more but all the racers looked hungry after the race so we fed them.) so on that note we are back to where we started financially but we have made progress in other directions. currently, former OG brocyclist, paul halupka, is working on a logo for the co op which will allow us to make swag to sell and raise funds. also one of the infamous triathabloggers, elisa, is down for a group trip over to bike!bike! to learn all things bike co-op. i have already asked off work and there are a couple of people that are interested. if you want to go leave a comment and start some dialogue. we will have more news as the date gets closer.

also, if you or anyone you know is a commuting lawyer who knows how to do non profit stuff HOOK A DUDE UP!



Tuesday, November 11, 2008

deuce's wild benefit race

please come out to the brocycle race this saturday. all proceeds are going to the 'let's make the co-op legit' fund. it should be a great time. thanks