Thursday, May 21, 2009

Free the Hops! Share the Road!

Last night, Anna and I biked to the Free the Hops meeting (side note: never, EVER bike down Valley Ave!) to propose Bike Valet at Magic City Brewfest.

It literally took about 30 seconds to convince them to get on board. The idea of making Brewfest a completely green event is exciting and we are happy to be a part of it. They gave us primo parking location...right next to the entrance. We are hoping to get a good buzz going about this and show that Birmingham is not as backwards and behind as most people think!

What is Bike Valet?
Like Car Valet or coat check! You ride up (we will also be posting routes and having group rides to the event), drop off your bike, we give you a drink and be merry while we make sure your 2 wheeled friend stays safe and cozy. At the end, show us your ticket, we give you back your ride. You go home feeling happy and good about doing something good for Mother Nature (can't speak for your liver!)

Why Bike Valet?
Have you tried to park down there? Yeah, it is bad. Plus, you get to enjoy the scenery and park for free (donations welcome!), knowing your bike is safe and secure. Can you say that about your car? nope.

What is Free the Hops?
Alabama has a stupid law that limits beer sold to be 6% alcohol by volume or below, which prevents us from getting delicious "craft" or "gourmet" beers. Free the Hops has been lobbying to change the law for a number of years. We're on pins and needles right now because the bill has passed the senate, but we're waiting on the Governors signature for the law to be changed. He has until Monday night I think so fingers crossed!

Why are you doing this?
To be kind to our earth, promote cycling and hopefully set a precedent in Birmingham for other large events. Bike Valet is the future!!!

How do I get there?
More info to come, with routes from various locations as well as meeting places for group rides there.

How can I help?
We need volunteers to help us. We have no idea how many bikes to expect. If you can help (PLEASE!) either night, shoot Anna an email at

Stay tuned for more details!

check back for more info.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

DOT article on bike safety

This is from todays post on Life in the Fast Lane, the blog kept by the Department of Transportation (DOT):
May 20, 2009
Bicycling is only healthy when you ride safely

It's clear that bicycling is good for the environment...when it takes vehicles off the road. It's also clear that bicycling is good for your health...when you practice safety.

May is National Bike Safety Month. As this Administration works to develop environmentally-sound transportation options, making our streets more bike-friendly is high on the list. Our roads and communities must be built to allow people to get around safely outside of their cars, on bike or on foot.

But, as more people take to bicycling, that idea can only be sound when drivers and cyclists help each other share the roads safely.

Motorists should:

Recognize that bicyclists have a right to ride on the roadway;
Stay alert and keep distractions to a minimum;
Make a complete visual check for bicyclists before entering or leaving a lane of traffic.

But, bicyclists have an obligation as well. They should:

Ride on the roadway, rather than on sidewalks;
Follow the same rules of the road as other vehicles;
Wear a bicycle helmet every time you ride;
Make yourself visible, day and night.

Please take the time to visit the content-rich Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center and the National Center for Safe Routes to School. Best practices for bicycle safety can also be found on the League of American Bicyclists and Bicycle Safe sites. The International Bicycle Fund has a great list of bike safety resources.

We all know about "defensive driving." But, bicyclists are vulnerable and exposed in a way that motorists simply are not. While we are working to improve conditions for bicyclists on the roadways, let's, please, remember the culture we've created over the last 100 years will not welcome bikes overnight. In the meantime, during National Bike Safety Month and throughout the year, I urge you to "bike defensively."

What do you think? I think that any emphasis on biking from the DOT is good, although I do see some errors in this (keep distractions to a minimum?? really...what about avoid distractions).

What are your thoughts?

Speaking of bike Safety, hope you can join the Ride of Silence tonight in Birmingham. Leaves Homewood Cycles at 7pm. This is a ride to remember those who have been killed on bikes and to raise awareness.

stay safe and ride hard

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

National Bike to Work Day after work drinkie at J. Clyde!

We're hoping to see some familiar faces at Bike to Work Day on Friday; it's going to be great fun!  After work, we hope you'll ride over to the J. Clyde tavern on Cobb Lane to hang and get your drink on.  We're going to try and get there by 7 at the latest, but show up whenever you get off work or at whatever time is convenient - this is going to be a very relaxed form with no official start or end.  I'm heading over tonight to speak with an owner about getting some drink specials, so wish me luck!

UPDATE! Specials from the Clyde:
$2 Leinenkugal Classic Amber
$3 SweetWater Georgia Brown
$3 Fuller's ESB
$3 Fordham Helles
We will also tap a Terrapin Rye Cask Condition Ale $8 Imperial pint (20 oz.) or $5 1/2 Imperial pint (10 oz.). When you purchase a cask order Fried Green Tomatoes for $3.

Monday, May 11, 2009

There is a memorial ride for cyclists who have injured or killed on public roads coming up on Wednesday May 20th. The ride leaves the lot of the homewood cycles promptly at 7pm. So get there early and bring a helmet.

Volunteer and Mechanic meeting

Hey Kids, want to help? Already helping? Either way, we need you to come to this meeting.

Thursday, May 14
8pm, Bici HQ
(1211 28th Street South G2)
Behind Rhodes park

We will go over what we need, how to help, what a typical Bici shift looks like, etc

See you soon

bike love

Bike to Work Day

This Friday, May 15 is Bike to Work Day. I hope you all will chose the 2 wheeled steed as your transportation that day.

Does your bike need a little tune-up? come in this week, Monday and Thursday and get it ready to go!

There are also events in town Friday. We are working on getting some happy hours specials for cyclists during happy hour and will keep you posted. Stay tuned.

In the morning, I am planning to participate in the event below. Hope to see you there! meets in 5 Points at 7am for a ride through downtown. Come out and show the city that we exist and we need some infrastructure!

see you.

Monday May 4, 2009

For more information contact:
Tom Maxwell, Regional Planning Commission, 205-264-8445
Barbara Gower, Birmingham Bicycle Club, 205-790-6487

Birmingham Bike-to-Work Day 2009 Event
Friday May 15, 7:00 a.m.
May is National Bike Month! The League of American Bicyclists is promoting Bike-to-Work Week
from May 11-15. Bike-to-Work Day is on Friday, May 15 at 7:00 a.m. A bicycle commuter convoy
will depart from the fountain at Five Points South (Birmingham’s Southside). The group will ride a 6-
mile route throughout Birmingham’s City Center to tour ongoing and future downtown revitalization
projects and to raise cycling awareness. The ride will terminate between 7:45 and 8:00 a.m. at the
Center for Regional Planning and Design, 1731 1st Avenue North, where there will be a photo
opportunity, news media, cold drinks, and distribution of giveaway items for all participants. For
complete route information visit the Birmingham Metropolitan Planning Organization’s website:

The event is sponsored by the Regional Planning Commission of Greater Birmingham with support
from the Birmingham Metropolitan Planning Organization, the Birmingham Bicycle Club, Vulcan
Triathletes, Jefferson County Department of Health, Alabama Partners for Clean Air and
CommuteSmart Birmingham.

Citizens throughout America participate in this annual initiative by conducting group rides to highlight
the benefits of cycling as a viable mode of transportation and means of regular exercise for better
health. Taking your bike to work instead of the car improves regional air quality by reducing vehicular
emissions and can result in weight loss, stress reduction and improve cardio-vascular function. Biking to
work makes for good use of commute time and reduces costly fuel consumption for many Americans.
For metro Birmingham it makes more sense than ever! The League has set up an event website
providing information on events all across the nation:

bike love.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Shop Open

Thanks to everyone for coming out to the Grand Opening party! It was a raging success.

The shop is now open!

Hours: M/TH 6-9
Sat. 1-5

Memberships available now:

$80 yearly
$50 student (with valid student id)
$60 6 month membership

come by and fill out a embership form to join! We need members in order to keep it running smoothly. See our Membership Drive post for the benefits of joining.