Saturday, February 28, 2009

Meeting Recap

Hey Everyone. Thanks to everyone who came out to the Community Interest Meeting. It was nice to see such support and community. Thanks again to Nomad Supply Shop for hosting us. If you have not been there, go check it out.

For those of you who couldn't make it, I will attempt to recap what went on.

First, Anna explained why Birmingham needs a Community bike shop. Our Obesity rate is off the charts. As is our pollution particle rate. Poverty runs rampant and we are all aware of the crime rate. All of these things will be impacted by a Community Bike shop opening in Birmingham City. Bikes and Bike shops build community, make our neighborhoods more liveable and promote physical activity. Riding a bike is also a great, reliable form of transportation in a city where Public transportation is lacking. In order to get more people on bikes, we must educate and empower them, as well a work to make the city more cycling friendly. At Bici, we hope to touch on all of these aspects.

Alan then spoke of the history of Bici, his brainchild. He told of how he wanted a place in the city limits to work on his bike and where others could do the same. A place for the cyclists of Birmingham to form a community and share knowledge, tools and a love of riding.

I (Elisa) then talked about the specifics of the Bici shop. We hope to be funded by memberships, donations and grants. Memberships will cost approx $60-$80 (we are still working on a price that will be accessible, yet allow us to function in a sustainable manner). We will be seeking donations from individuals as well as corporations. Bici will also be completely volunteer run with both members and non-members hopefully volunteering to help in the shop. Many folks filled out our volunteer interest form, yet we still need more. Bici hopes to be open 2-3 nights per week and Saturday afternoon.

We do have a verbal agreement on a physical location in the Highland Park neighborhood (next to the Unity Church). We hope to be moved in and open mid-April. This spot is ideal and we are very lucky to have found it.

How can you help?
Fill out the Volunteer Interest form. We are in need of manpower, on everything from actually working in the shop to fundraising, paperwork and advocacy help.
Donate! We need money, parts, bikes and tools. Got any of that? Spare workbench in your garage...send it our way!
Become a member: As a cooperative, we are member owned and supported. Members will get special perks, but the main reason to become a member is to support something awesome and help make Birmingham a cycling city. More info to come (soon) on memberships and how to become a member.
Spread the word: the more the merrier. We need members and supporters. This is a community shop, so we need the community!
Ride your bike! The more cyclists on the road, the more our presence is known. We want and need for the government, drivers...everyone to know that we are here and we are doing good.

Again, thanks to everyone who came out, or emailed to express interest. This is going to take all of us working together and will be a great thing for Birmingham!

Any questions or comments, email the following person:

Shop manager:
Fundraising/Grant seeking:
Finances, donations, volunteer interest form, publicity:

bike love!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Community Interest Meeting

Mark your Calendars! FEEL FREE TO REPOST!

Thursday Feb. 26 7pm
Nomad Supply Shop
916 23rd Street South
Birmingham, AL
Shop phone (205)252-9359

If you want to know more about what we are, how to help, or have ideas to share, PLEASE come! This is your opportunity to get involved and get to know us. Spread the word, invite your friends.

Nomad is kind enough to give us use of their space, afterhours, AND provide coffee and tea. If you haven't been to their shop, go and check it out. What they are doing is really wonderful and unique. We are excited about partnering with them. They are in Bici's community footprint and have similar philosphies, so we think this is the start of a beautiful relationship! :)

if you know you will be attending and want to shoot us email, that would be great...nice to know how much coffee we will need. But either way, please come out. We are going to be working hard until then on our vision for the future and our mission in the community...but we can't do that without your input. We want to be for the Community and made up of it's citizens.

Any questions, shoot us an email.

Bike Love!

Thanks and whatnot

Hey Everyone,
The First annual Hearbrakes Alleycat Prom Benefit was a raging success! We raised enough money for one months rent, or a set of tools. Thank you so much for coming out to support us. We were certainly feeling the love.

Special Thanks to:

Andy's Tea party
DJ Nastique
All the volunteers and racers
Greencup Books
Dewey Campbell(our backdrop designer)
T. Scott Carlisle-Seriously rad photos
Gregory Price-designer of our adorably awesome flier. I want to BE the girl on it!

all of our sponsors:
Primavera Coffee Roasters
Transient Bags
Urban Velo
Fabric Horse

Photos to be posted soon, until then you can check them out here: Want to order a glossy 8*10 for your momma? You can do that here

Oh! Winners, duh!

1st place: Sean and Sam
2nd Place: Jesse and Evan
Only team to ride an awesome Tandem and dress up while doing it: Brooke and David

Friday, February 13, 2009

heartbrake route

it's NOT changing. we are sticking with the original route. there are a few blocks that are still unpaved. BE CAREFUL! AND LOOK OUT FOR CRAZY ASS MANHOLES!

hope you are bringing your dancing shoes!

Thursday, February 12, 2009


fabric horse



Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Heartbrakes Details


Alright kids,

Here we are. Four days out. Things are coming together and others are falling apart. And by falling apart. We were all square on the route and all of that and then Larry starts paving downtown. Don't get me wrong, it needed to happen, and there is nothing like riding on that fresh, luxurious asphalt; it just couldn't be worse time for the race. so we will be coming up with an alternate route in the event that the roads aren't done. Nevertheless brocycle, bici, and all of the sponsors strongly urge the use of the helmet whenever you ride, but especially during the race. Who knows we could be doing a smaller scale Paris-Roubaix. Anyway come Friday night or Saturday we will post which route will go down.

Race Details:

1.) This is a team race. A team consists of two people. If you don't have anyone when you show up we will try to set you up with another 'stag' rider. The team that has both members at first Greencup wins.

2.) This is a lap race. The race will leave from Greencup, a halfway stop at Greencup, and ending at Greencup. All other stops can be hit at any order you and your teammate please.

3.) As of now, we haven't found any food sponsors for the racers when the race ends. We will try to have something set up for Saturday night. If you want to bring food or work for or own an eatery PLEASE DONATE!

4.) We do, however, have an adult beverage sponsor for racers that are old enough to partake. (sorry, we have messed up priorities)


6.) Have fun!

all other inquiries can be directed toward the bici kids. info [at symbol] bicicoop [period] org.

Party Details:

1.) Greencup has asked us that this event not be BYOB. They have been generous enough with letting us use the space and would be glad to give you an ice cold brew after a donation.

2.) Andy's Tea Party and DJ Nastique are playing. They have been super supportive of our efforts and we love them.

3.) If you ride your bike, bring a lock. There will be alley bike parking but there will more than likely no one watching them. LOCK YOUR BIKE UP!

4.) Have fun.

that's it for now. we will let you know if there are any major changes concerning the race route.

ADDED BY ELISA: if anyone is coming in from out of town and needs a place to crash, let us know. we will find a floor/couch space for you. email us.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

One week to Prom!

Hey all,
One week to go. We still need volunteers, so hit us up if you want to help out, hang out with awesome people and party for free (!).

prizes are rolling in and word is getting out. We are anticipating a great turnout and a ton of fun.

If you haven't already registered, no worries. You can do it night of. No teammate/prom date? no worries, we will set you up.

Wondering what do wear? you and me both! anything goes. Prom dresses, tuxedos, cut offs, spandex, heels or Vans...we don't care. Just get your asses out and dance and support Bici.

See you on Valentines Day! I'll be the one in the party dress...

bike love!